Streamline XR Pole Clamps

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Streamline XR Pole Clamps well designed to fit both XR70 and XR100 water fed poles. Complete clamps are available in different sizes.

Product Information:

Streamline XR Pole Clamps. XR™ Telescopic Pole Clamps, complete a lateral lever arm, stainless steel bolts and nuts, adjustable thumb screw and left or right hand band makes the XR™ Telescopic Pole Clamp a very popular clamp.

XR-CLMP-20 XR Clamp 1 for section 1 20mm Our Code WXV450
XR-CLMP-23 XR Clamp 2 for section 2 23mm Our Code WXV451
XR-CLMP-27 XR Clamp 3 for section 3 27mm Our Code WXV452
XR-CLMP-30 XR Clamp 4 for section 4 30mm Our Code WXV453
XR-CLMP-34 XR Clamp 5 for section 5 34mm Our Code WXV454
XR-CLMP-37 XR Clamp 6 for section 6 37mm Our Code WXV455
XR-CLMP-41 XR Clamp 7 for section 7 41mm Our Code WXV456
XR-CLMP-44 XR Clamp 8 for section 8 44mm Our Code WXV457
XR-CLMP-48 XR Clamp 9 for section 9 48mm Our Code WXV458

Compatible with the XR70 and XR100 range of water fed poles. Pole not included.

Streamline XR70 Carbon Pole

Helpful Information:

Also required to fit the clamp, is a suitable glue such as Penloc Toughened Acrylic Adhesive.

Additionally, XR base caps (also used on OVA8 poles) and XR angle joints are available.

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