Streamline XR Base Cap

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Streamline XR Base Cap (CLEARANCE)

If you are looking for replacement  base cap for water fed poles, this one will fit OVA8, XR70 & XR100 water fed poles.


Product Information: Streamline XR Base Cap

Streamline XR Base Cap fit Streamline OVA8 Poles, available in various sizes.

Base caps for OVA8, XR70 & XR100 water fed poles.
Material: Hard wearing plastic. Codes are printed on product.
30mm XR-BUTT-30 Our Code WXV001
34mm XR-BUTT-34 Our Code WXV002 (For 17' & 25' OVA8 Poles)
37mm XR-BUTT-37 Our Code WXV003 (For 22' & 30' OVA8 Poles)
41mm XR-BUTT-41 Our Code WXV004 (For 35' & 40' OVA8 Poles)

Customer Questions:

What does a Pole Base Cap do? It has an important function, because it protects the base of a water fed window cleaning pole. It also helps feed the pole hose up the centre of the pole.

My pole Base Cap is damaged; do I need to replace it?  Firstly, it depends upon how damaged it is. If the lower end of base cap has worn away leaving the pole sections exposed and pole hose could be damaged by the rough end of the pole – then yes, it needs replacing. If the Pole Base Cap is not replaced the outer section of the pole will be damaged when it is lent against a wall. This damage could cause it to splinter and present a handling problem. Or it could reduce the life of the pole because it could cause splitting.

How do I remove a damaged Pole Base Cap? Carefully. Firstly remove the pole hose. Most Pole Base Caps are glued in place. Also, it may be possible to use a hacksaw to cut through the cap before peeling it off. If this method is used then great care must be taken not to damage the pole.
Caution: When the cap has been removed, you need to examine the end of the pole. Additionally, if it is badly damaged then it may need to have small part cut off. Please collapse the pole to check that any shortening of the out pole will not result in any of the inner sections protruding beyond the end of the outer section. Now measure the diameter of the outer section of the pole. Select the correct size of Pole Base Cap, and also you will need a good glue such as PenLoc Adhesive Code WXW95.

Press Fit or Glue

How do I fit one? With the damaged cap and the pole hose removed, check that the replacement Pole Base Cap is the right size and fits the outer pole section. It should be a snug fit. Use a suitable abrasive paper to roughen the surface of the pole where the cap will be. Do not rub too much, only a light key for the adhesive is required. Do the same with the inside surface of the cap.
First, lie the pole flat, in a warm and dry location. Next, place something under the part of the pole that you are working on, to protect the floor from any drips of adhesive. Have a cloth handy for any drips or spills.

Important: Slightly extend the pole so that none on the inner sections are close to the pole end.
Apply a thin even coating of adhesive around the end of the pole. Slide the cap on while turning it to spread the adhesive evenly. Also, remove any excess adhesive.

Tip: Let it dry overnight, before refitting the pole hose.

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