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Streamline 30L STREAMVAC System

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Streamline 30L STREAMVAC System ideal for professional gutter cleaning. Available in a 6.4m residential kit and also in a 11.9m commercial kit.

Product Information:

Streamline 30L STREAMVAC System, is ideal for professional gutter cleaning. Additionally, being based on the reliable Numatic International vacuum cleaner, it has proved to be a useful addition in other aspects of building maintenance. Also it is easy to empty after use.


  • Firstly, the Cyclonic inlet gives increased air flow performance and is non-blocking
  • Also it is made of virtually indestructible Structofoam
  • Plus it has front wheels fitted with locking casters and large rear wheels for easy manoeuvring over rough terrain
  • Metal Case Float Assembly
  • Also it can be used as a normal vacuum or as a blower
  • Additionally, the Carbon Fibre Poles are designed to assemble as a funnel effect, increasing the suction
  • Finally, it is also available in 110V, please contact us for more details

Camera Details (when included)

The CCTV portable wireless inspection camera is a simple and convenient inspection instrument. Also it can be used to inspect inaccessible places, pipes, gutters etc. and can be used for building and safety inspections. Additionally, users can view the inspection live on the 5” HD screen or can record videos and take pictures to view later. However, if the video is not satisfactory, users can delete it and re-record. Plus the DVR memory is 32 GB and battery life is 9.5 hours continuous use.

Camera Features:

Streamvac camera and monitor

The benefits of this CCTV wireless bullet camera kit are,

  • Firstly, you can make high-resolution images and video recordings with motion and loop recording
  • Secondly, it has a unique wireless mini-inspection camera with 6 bright LEDs offering 5 metres clear view in complete darkness (LEDs can be turned off)
  • Thirdly, the high-capacity built-in battery overs a reliable power supply for camera and DVR
  • Also, it comes with a portable 5” HD DVR, which offers both real-time and recorded videos & photos
  • Supplied with an SD card
  • Wireless transmission offers convenience for remote view.
STREAMVAC Product Guide
Residential Commercial Commercial with Camera
Pole Length 21'  6.4m 39'  11.9m
Streamvac Package Streamline Streamvac Gutter Cleaning System
Streamline Code WV-KIT230-01-051 WV-KIT230-03-051 WV-KIT230-06-051
Machine Dimensions and Specifications
Height x Width x Depth 88cm x 80cm x 49cm
Weight 22.5kg
Capacity 30L
Power 2400W
Voltage 230V
Kit Contents
Accessories Lightweight Aluminium gooseneck, gulper & 2 crevice tools
Hose 7.5m Vacline crush-proof hose
Ultralite Carbon poles 3 x 6' and 1 x 3' 6 x 6' and 1 x 3'

Helpful Information:

Additional information is available from this download: VACSYSTEMS2021-BOOKLET-compressed VACSYSTEMS2021-BOOKLET-compressed

Also available, Streamline 70L STREAMFLO System

Because these accessories are used for working at height, we include this safety note.

Are there any special safety precautions that I need to take while using this machine? Yes, when using any telescopic or modular pole take care to avoid overhead power lines and cables. Additionally, as many materials used in the construction of poles make excellent electrical conductors, any contact with an electrical source could result in serious injury or death from electrocution. Also do not use telescopic poles outside in an electrical storm, as being struck by lightning can cause serious injury or death.

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