Streamline Smartank System

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A  fantastic Streamline Smartank system  is a well designed van system from 400L – 650L.  With a height of just 438mm, it is possible to maximize the space.

The Smartank System

A new Streamline Smartank System is a welcome addition to the Streamline® range of van-mounted tank systems. All systems are based on one man operation, so please contact us for prices for two man operation and we will be happy to assist.
Firstly, modular in design, these tanks can be fixed into vehicles utilizing a metal flange, as opposed to traditional systems using whole metal frames.
Secondly, the equipment cabinet is mounted at the front of the tank, at the door opening, so as a result operation has never been easier…and lastly, with pumps, controllers and filters easily accessible, via the opening of the cabinet, maintenance and filter changes are simply and quickly achieved.

Product Information:

The Tanks are baffled to restrict water movement in transit. Because of a height of less than 450mm these tanks offer safe, low centre of gravity van systems, while taking up minimal van space. Also, thanks to these low profile tanks and by installing a false floor, van load area can still be utilized for a multitude of purposes and the transport of other needed equipment.
Streamline Tanks are available in three sizes, 400L and  650L options.

Tank Size












 Dry    Weight



 Wet  Weight




SMARTANK™ systems offer low centre of gravity and provides a safe means of water transport.
Maximises van load area usage, so you have space for other equipment
Flow controllers reduce water usage to a minimum so no water is wasted!
Also, this system presents a professional image to your clients
Available without filtration, with DI filtration or also with RODI filtration. Moreover, all options include pump and controller.

PLEASE CALL us for installation prices and we will be happy to assist.


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