Streamline OVA8 Carbon Pole

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One of the things that make this pole so attractive is the range of available accessories. For example the range of brush sockets, including a useful swivel socket OV-BS003. When you buy this pole package, you will be pleased that it includes a 10″ brush complete with twin pencil jets. You even get a the high quality pole hose and a male Rectus 21 fitting.

Product Information: Streamline OVA8 Carbon Pole

The new improved Streamline OVA8 Carbon Pole is our best selling and popular water fed window cleaning pole. It now has improved clamps. Also the Angle Adapter allows the brush to be positioned horizontally or vertically. When designing an anti-rotational oval shaped pole, it was discovered that an additional feature was provided, improved stiffness. Because of this the Streamline OVA-8 Carbon pole is a light and safe pole to use. The clever oval design of the Streamline OVA8 Carbon Pole will cancel out that “whipping effect” while moving from one window to another and the ‘bouncing off the glass’ motions.

The Streamline OVA8 Carbon Pole comes in a good range of lengths, from 14' all the way up to 60'.

Streamline Code Our Code Sctns Min Length Max Length Pole Weight kg Hose Uni-Valve


OV14-24-E OV14 5 2' 6" 0.77m 14' 4.2m 0.63 8m NO
OV17-24-E OV17 5 4’ 11”




0.99 8m YES
OV22-24-E OV22 6 4’ 11”




1.35 8m YES
OV25-24-E OV25 5 6’


25' 7.62m 1.35 10m YES
OV30-24-E OV30 6 6’ 2”


30' 9.15m 1.70 12m YES
OV35-30-E OV35 7 6’ 3”




2.00 12m YES
OV40-30-E OV40 8 6’ 11”




2.50 15m NO
OV45-30-E OV45 9 7’




2.80 15m NO
OV60-40-E OV60 10 7’ 5”




3.80 20m NO


When you order your pole, select the correct options using the drop-down boxes.

  • First select the pole length.
  • Finally, select the Uni-Valve fitted option, which is available on poles up to 35' in length.
  • Remember to add any other additional products separately

OVA8 poles are supplied with a 10" brush, two pencil jets and a Rectus 21 male fitting.

*Please note: Please note: it is not recommended to fit Ex-Ceed Uni-Valves to poles longer than 35'.


As a special offer, on selected size, you can order your OVA8 pole with a FREE double adapter and FREE Scrub Pad. Just select Scrub Pad Upgrade from the Optional Extra drop box.


A number of upgrades are available. These can be purchased separately.

Customer Questions:

What maintenance is required? You will need to do little maintenance to keep your pole in good working order. We suggest that you check the tightness of the screw on the clamp every month, but do not over tighten.

What accessories are available for the Streamline OVA8 Carbon Pole? You can choose from a wide range of accessories. These include double angle adapters, brushes, nozzles, brush extensions and more.

Can I use the Streamline OVA8 Pole with my hot water system? Yes, the new purple coloured hose works well with hot water systems.

Can a Ex-Ceed Uni-Valve be fitted to my Streamline OVA8 Carbon Pole? Yes, the pole has been designed so that an Ex-Ceed Uni-Valve can be fitted within the pole at the bottom. If you want it included, select the option above. Please note it is not recommended to fit Ex-Ceed Uni-Valves to poles longer than 35'.

Are there any special safety precautions I need to take while using the pole? Yes, when using this or any other Carbon pole care needs to be taken to avoid overhead power lines and cables. Carbon is an excellent electrical conductor and contact with an electrical source could result in serious injury or death from electrocution. Also, do not use this pole during electrical storms to avoid being struck by lightning.

Are spare parts available for the Streamline OVA8 Pole? Yes, we stock a wide range of spare parts, like for example, pole clamps.

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1 review for Streamline OVA8 Carbon Pole

  1. Michael Peterson

    Fantastic poles. The clamps are way better than in previous versions. It is pricey but you get what you pay for. Would definitely recommend.

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