Streamline O RING FilterPlus

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Streamline O RING FilterPlus for the Streamline FilterPlus DI Vessel.Code: FH0618-O.

Product Information:

Streamline O RING FilterPlus a useful spare part for you to have for the Streamline FilterPlus DI Vessel.

When do I need to change the O Ring? Normally you would only need to change the O Ring if the DI Vessel starts to leak water from under the manifold, this would indicate that the O Ring has been damaged. Tip: You can try cleaning the O Ring and where it sits before replacing it. To do this follow the simple procedure described below.

How many do I have to buy? You can buy these Streamline O RING FilterPlus individually.

Do these O Rings fit all DI Vessels? We can not guarantee that they will fit all makes of DI Vessel. However they will fit all sizes of Streamline FilterPlus DI Vessel.

Are there any other spare parts that I can buy for my Streamline FilterPlus DI Vessel? Yes, you can also buy the manifold. Unfortunately it does not make commercial sense to replace the actual vessel. If this becomes damaged by accident, wear or cracked because of a severe frost, you are better to replace the complete DI Vessel.

Fitting the O Ring:

Fitting your replacement O Ring is very simple, when you follow these steps. First you should remove any connectors attached to the Streamline FilterPlus DI Vessel. Next you should unscrew the manifold. as remove the manifold from the DI Vessel you should take care not to pull out the tube fitted to the manifold. Then you can remove the old O Ring. You should clean and remove any resin where the new O Ring will sit. Then you can replace the manifold and reconnect the DI Vessel's fittings.

We suggest that you keep your spare O Ring in a bag, in a safe place and labelled so that you can use it, when you need it.


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