Streamline Nozzle Jet Kit

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Streamline Nozzle Jet Kit designed to fit the Streamline range of brushes. Choose from either 2 or 4 nozzles and between pencil or fan jets.

Product Information: Nozzle Kit

Streamline Nozzle Jet Kit. Weight for 2 Pack Jets 120g. Quick twist fit into brushes for secure fixing. Also includes a  JG Tee or quad fitting and a stem insert for 5mm pole hose.

Options: Nozzle Kits

  • Fan Jet Pack of 2 Streamline Code FJ2-02, Our Code WBV122
  • Fan Jet Pack of 4 Streamline Code FJ2-04, Our Code WBV124
  • Pencil Jet Pack of 2 Streamline Code NJ3-02, Our Code WBV120
  • Pencil Jet Pack of 4 Streamline Code NJ3-04, Our Code WBV121

Compatible brushes, see below. Brush not included.

Streamline Brushes: German Thread
Our Code Streamline Code Description
WBV116  V-SBH25-S Hi-Lo Soft 10"
WBV118 V-SBH36-S Hi-Lo Soft 14"
WBV126 V-SBH25-M-001 Hi-Lo Medium 10"
WBV127 V-SBH36-M-001 Hi-Lo Medium 14"
WBV129 V-SBH25-H-001 Hi-Lo Stiff 10"
WBV067 V-SBF26-MD01-001 Duel Bristle 10"
WBV068 V-SBF36-MD01-001 Duel Bristle 14"
WBV065 V-SBF26-BD01-001 Boar's Bristle 10"
WBV066 V-SBF36-BD01-001 Boar's Bristle 14"
Streamline Brushes: OVA8 Socket
WBV015 V-SBF26-MD06-001 Duel Bristle 10"
WBV016 V-SBF36-MD06-001 Duel Bristle 14"
WBV017 V-SBF26-BD06-001 Boar's Bristle 10"
WBV018 V-SBF36-BD06-001 Boar's Bristle 14"

Spare parts available:

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