Streamline MOBI Kit

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Streamline MOBI Kit produce pure water when connected to an outside tap. Available with a carrying handle, trolley or a wall bracket.

Product Information: Streamline MOBI Kit

The Streamline MOBI Kit is available in two options. The easy Carry 'N' Go MOBI Kit features a DI Vessel filled with Tulsion MB115 resin and a comfortable swivelling metal carry handle (See video). The MOBI is also available with a wall mounting bracket, with holes for M8 screws.

Stainless Steel Hoselock type fittings.
Stop connector on female coupler saves pure water when disconnected.
Resin changes can still be performed easily.

Available Options:

  • Our Code: MOBI17W
  • Option: Wall
  • Size: 16.8L
  • Streamline Code: FP-MOBI-W0730-02

  • Our Code: MOBI25W
  • Option: Wall
  • Size: 25.7L
  • Streamline Code: FP-MOBI-W0835-02

  • Our Code: MOBI25T
  • Option: Trolley
  • Size: 25.7L
  • Streamline Code: FP-MOBI-T0835-02

  • Our Code: MOBI11L
  • Option: Handle
  • Size: 11.0L
  • Streamline Code: FP-MOBI-C0817-02

Specification DI Vessel:

  • Constructed with polyethylene inner shell and reinforced with fibreglass for added strength.
  • Max Pressure 10.5bar 150psi
  • Max temperature 50degC. Min temperature 1degC (Tip: Protect from freezing)

Available Spare Parts for Vessel:

  • O Ring for manifold

Useful parts and accessories for the DI Vessel:

Filling the Streamline FilterPlus DI Vessel:

  1. Disconnect the inlet and outlet connections. Tip: Using Hoselock fittings makes this much quicker.
  2. Next, unscrew the vessel manifold and carefully lift it out of the vessel.
  3. Then empty the vessel of old resin.
  4. When empty, clean the manifold and DI Vessel. Take care that no resin has got into the outlet port or under the O Ring.
  5. Now fill the DI Vessel using the Scoop and funnel. Only fill level with the line indicated on the vessel's label.
  6. Make sure the manifold is assembled and the O Ring is in place and insert it into the vessel.
  7. Tighten the manifold by hand. Reconnect the hoses. Important: Double check the the direction of flow is correct as indicated by the arrow on top of the manifold.
  8. Dispose of the old resin according to local regulations. Do not flush it down drains.
  9. Finally, when the DI Vessel has been is filled wipe clean the scoop and funnel and seal the resin left in the bag.

Advantages of using the Resin Scoop and Streamline Resin Funnel combination for filling and refilling

  • More control during the filling process
  • Less waste and spillage
  • Time saving
  • Both can be used over and over again
  • Maintenance free.(Scoop & Funnel)
  • Rust free. (Scoop & Funnel)
  • Durable Aluminium construction. (Scoop)
  • Strong Nylon construction.(Funnel)

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