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12.5mm Bore reinforced HOSE per metre

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12.5mm Bore reinforced HOSE sold by the metre, up to a maximum 30m. High quality water water hose, ideal for water fed installations.

Product Information: 12.5mm Bore reinforced HOSE per metre

12.5mm Bore reinforced HOSE per metre. With the hose bore being 12.5mm pressure loss is reduced and improves performance is improved. As the hose is sold by the meter you only need to buy the length you need. Please note that the maximum hose length is 30m. This is an ideal hose for connecting between the water tank, pump, DI vessel and hose reel.

Customer Questions:

How do I buy this hose? You can buy Hose 12.5mm Bore per metre. Please note the colour of the image may not match the actual colour of the hose supplied. It is often BLACK, may be RED, BLUE or CLEAR.

What is the maximum length of hose that I can buy Hose 12.5mm Bore? You can buy up to 30m in one length. When you order this hose we will supply it on a single length.

Where can I use it? You can use it for the hose between your Water Tank and the Pump, and then from the Pump to the DI Vessel and then from there to the Hose Reel.

Hose Selection Guide:

As a general rule, you should keep the hose bore as large as possible and keep the length of the hose as short as possible. Also keep the number of connections as few as possible.

  • 5mm Bore Hose. The best for pole hose.
  • 6mm Bore Hose: A useful hose that will fit in 50m and 100m lengths on good hose reels.
  • 8mm Bore hose: Similar to the 6mm bore hose above, you can use this hose on good hose reels. Available in 50m and 100m lengths. The advantage is less pressure loss than the 6mm bore hose.
  • 12.5mm Bore Hose: The best hose to use from the Water Tank, the Pump, DI Vessel and Hose Reel.

The Technical Stuff:

Standard reinforced hose with excellent abrasion resistance
Good kink resistance and flexibility
Inside diameter 12.5mm (1/2")
Maximum burst pressure - 48 Bar
Operating Temperature –15°C to +60°C

Helpful Information:

Use fittings and connectors that minimise the pressure loss on your system. Brass connectors are good with a Jubilee Clip, but they are more of a permanent way to set up your system. Alternatively you could use hoselock fittings.

Another useful tip that will help you when fitting the hose over a hose tail, is to warm the end of the hose in hot water first.


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