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Streamline FilterPlus Sediment Filter

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Streamline FilterPlus Sediment Filter available in both 10″ and 20″ sizes. A top quality product that is economical and easy to use.


Product Information: Streamline FilterPlus Sediment Cartridge

Streamline FilterPlus Sediment Filter, available in the two popular sizes of 10" & 20": Suitable for filtering debris from pure water systems, often used in conjunction with Carbon Block and granulated Carbon cartridges. Fits standard 10" and 20" filter housings. Also, the Streamline FilterPlus range of cartridges offer an economical solution to water filtration without compromise on performance.

Features: Streamline Sediment Filter

  • Consistent quality for long filter life
  • Low pressure drop and superior dirt holding capacity
  • High efficiency 5 Micron rating Polypropylene
  • Filter Life: 22,712 Litres
  • Maximum temperature 62.8 degrees C

10" Streamline Product Code: DF10-F-001

20" Streamline Product Code: DF20-F-001

Helpful Information: Streamline Filterplus Cartridges

We recommend that the sediment, Carbon block and granulated Carbon cartridges be changed at the same time to protect and prolong the life of the RO membrane.

Simply to change, simply unscrew the filter bowl, discard the used filter and replace with a new filter.

Tip: Clean the filter housing inside before replacing the cartridge.

Also regularly changing these filters will improve system performance.

Caution: This filter cartridge will not remove biological hazards from drinking water.

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