Streamline DragonFly 4 Kit

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Streamline DragonFly 4 Kit ideal for professional internal window cleaning up to 18m 60′. Comes complete with the acclaimed OVA8 Carbon pole.

Product Information:

Streamline DragonFly 4 Kit

The STREAMLINE® DRAGONFLY® is the perfect answer to internal glass cleaning where a ladder or other reach equipment is normally required, as it allows you to clean windows at height with your feet on the ground. With a simple pump system and bottle filled with pure water or a light detergent glass cleaner in a backpack and a microfibre pad on a swivel mop plate attached to a telescope the DRAGONFLY® simplifies internal window cleaning forever.


  • Showrooms
  • Stair wells and atrium in office blocks
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hotels, airports, shopping centres the opportunities are endless!

The DRAGONFLY®4 internal window and glass cleaning kit brings you the latest innovation from the STREAMLINE® range of high reach cleaning equipment. It is the simplest, safest and most efficient way to clean internal windows at height – reaching up to heights beyond 10 metres!

The DRAGONFLY®4 relies on no detergents or chemicals and yet cleans a multitude of surfaces, including windows, mirrors, cladding and stainless steel surfaces to a sparkling and spot-free finish. With a compact battery and pump combination mounted in the comfortable backpack, controlled by a simple switch on one of the lightweight STREAMLINE® OVA8® poles the DRAGONFLY®4  has proven to clean at height up to three times faster than traditional methods … and safely from the ground.

  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals required
  • Rechargeable battery – ensures the task can be completed without the worry of having to have spare batteries
  • STREAMLINE® OVA8® telescopic poles – no modular pole sections lying around

What does the DRAGONFLY®4 kit include?

  • 1,500ml pouch in a backpack
  • Secured battery and pump, with a lighted on/off switch
  • 240-volt battery charger
  • Padded backpack
  • Remote control ‘press-switch’ assembly
  • 4 x microfibre pad (2 x scrub, 2 x polishing)
  • An enclosure for safe storage of the backpack when not in use.
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Running time: 8 hours
  • Streamline OVA8 100% Carbon telescopic pole
  • Tubing: External Hose Kit
  • Head Assembly: Aluminium 25cm Mob Plate with fine nozzle spray tip
DragonFly OVA8 Options
All Kits include DRAGONFLY4-002 Back Pack
Streamline Pole Code Sections Minimum Length Maximum Length Pole Weight
DRAGONFLY4-OV8-25 5 1830mm 7300mm 25' 1.35kg
DRAGONFLY4-OV8-30 6 1865mm 9150mm 30' 1.7kg
DRAGONFLY4-OV8-35 7 1900mm 10700mm 35' 2.0kg
DRAGONFLY4-OV8-40 8 2110mm 12400mm 40' 2.5kg
DRAGONFLY4-OV8-45 9 2150mm 13720mm 45' 2.8kg
DRAGONFLY4-OV8-60 10 2270mm 18288mm 60' 3.8kg

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Replacement pads:

Streamline Mop Dragonfly

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