Streamline Cone XR Ecoline

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Streamline Cone XR Ecoline 17mm (old model) or 22mm (new model).

Perfect to fit at the end of your Ecoline pole and attach an angle adapter.

Streamline Cone XR Ecoline

Streamline Cone XR Ecoline 17mm (old model) or 22mm (new model). Also, check our range of Ecoline Poles.

Customer Questions:

What does a Pole End Cone do? You can fit it on the smallest diameter pole section of a water fed pole. It is designed to allow the pole hose that is within the pole to exit the pole so you can attach the pole to the brush head jets by means of a Y connector. (The Y connector, the jets and the brush are normally supplied as one item). It also has a screw thread that you can use to fit an angle adapter before the brush.


With the pole flat, extend the top section of the pole. Check the condition of the end of the pole for damage. Next, carefully trim the pole if required. Next, check that the new Pole End Cone fits and that you can push it fully on to the pole. (The Pole End Cone has an internal location shoulder). Now, using abrasive paper lightly abrade the top of the pole where you will locate the Pole End cone, also lightly abrade the inside of the Pole End Cone to give the adhesive a key. Finally, remove any dust particles.

Tip: It is best to place a cloth or paper under the pole in case of adhesive drips.

Helpful Information:

When would I need a Pole End Cone? As poles come with Pole End Cones fitted, you only need one as a replacement.
Tip: Pole End Cones are glued in place. Sometimes through use they can become loose. Also, if the Pole End Cone and the end of the pole is not damaged; then you just need to glue it back in place.

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