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Streamline 8mm Straight CONNECTOR

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Streamline 8mm Straight CONNECTOR spare for water fed pole systems. A useful replacement part for connecting pole hose. For 8mm OD hose.

Product Information: Streamline 8mm Straight CONNECTOR

The Streamline 8mm Straight CONNECTOR is a nylon John Guest (JG) type of straight connector. JG type of fittings are self sealing. These streamline Connectors are also durable and long lasting. To seal a tube into the hose in the fitting, simply press the tube into the fitting and then gently pull it backwards. This will create a seal and the tube will be fixed in to the fitting. Releasing the tube is also easy. Just press in the blue collar and gently pull out the tube.

It is designed to connect 8mm outside diameter (OD) hose or tube. Most Pole hose has a 5mm bore, but the outside diameter of pole hoses vary. By using a Streamline Connector Stem, any 5mm bore hose can be used with this streamline Straight Connector.

Product code: PF0808

Features Streamline Straight Connector:

  • Lightweight and small construction
  • Easy to use
  • No serviceable parts

Customer Questions Streamline Straight Connector:

What alternatives are there to this fitting? Yes you can use a Brass hose connector. Alternatively it is possible to use Rectus 21 fittings. Both the Brass connectors and the Rectus 21 fittings have greater strength than the JG type of fitting.

Helpful Information Streamline Straight Connector:

JG type of fittings work well with extruded thermoplastic tube that has a smooth outer surface. However the connector works less well with braided hose. We suggest therefore that a stem insert is used rather than relying on the hose to seal.

Although it is possible to remove the tube from the fitting, we do not recommend this is repeatedly done. Also we recommend that the connector is used either within the pole or at the top of the pole near the pole brush. The fitting is not as robust as Rectus 21 or hoselock fittings that are often used in connecting hose before or outside the pole.




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