Spring Controller V16 Digital

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Spring Controller V16 Digital, a popular controller for water fed systems. Two options either standard unit or with inbuilt split relay charger.



Product Information: Spring Controller V16 Digital

Spring Controller V16 Digital are the best pump controllers available today.

This Spring controller comes with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind. Also, there is good product support and helpful information available at the Spring Europe website.

Voltage: 12VDC

Wiring Information for the Spring V16 Basic

V16 Basic Wiring

Wiring Information for Spring V16 with split relay charger:

Please also refer to V16 Basic Wiring above for pump connections.

V16 Charger additional wiring

Features Spring V16 Controller:

  • New V16 Spring Controllers - Two options: Basic or Split-charger
  • The Spring V16 digital pump controller is a great bit of kit.
  • Pumpsmooth™ - The advance pump drive system runs the pump much more smoothly and quietly.
  • PolarityProtect™ - The V16 will not be damaged if wired incorrectly.
  • PumpPrecision™ - More precision, more water saving more accurate Dead End detection.
  • PumpProtect™ - The V16 protects the whole system.
  • Easy mounting
  • Wiring instructions included. Additional information available, follow the links above.

Customer Questions Spring V16 Controller:

What pump can I use with this controller? You can use it with Shurflo pump 8000 series or Streamflo pump from Streamline

Why do I need to use a pump controller? There are a few reasons why using a pump controller is a good idea. Firstly, being able to control the pure water flow enables you to save water. Secondly it protects the pump switch, which is not covered by warranty. And thirdly it gives use other useful information about the system, such as battery voltage.

Whats the difference between a V11 and V16 pump controller? The V16 is a far superior controller. Firstly the processor is faster and more powerful with polarity protection. Secondly, the addition of the dedicated power switch makes the unit easier to turn on and off.

Helpful Information: Spring Controller V16 Digital 12V DC Unit


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