Spotless Green microfibre sleeve 14″

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Spotless Green microfibre sleeve is a low cost sleeve that is great value for money. Available in 14″ 35cm size

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Customer Questions: Spotless Green microfibre sleeve 14"/35 cm

What does a Spotless Green microfibre sleeve do? You will use the Spotless applicator SLEEVE to apply the soapy water used to clean windows.
Why should I buy the Spotless Green microfibre sleeve? This sleeve is the best value for money for a microfibre sleeve.

Product Information:

If I buy this Sleeve, do I need anything else? Yes, you need a T Bar. You fit the Spotless Sleeve over the T Bar of the same size. To remove the liquid you will also need a Squeegee. You can use a cloth or scrim to wipe around the edges of the window to remove an excess water. We suggest you use another cloth to wipe the sill and frame.

Helpful Tips:

How do I use the Spotless SLEEVE? First you fit the Sleeve to a T Bar and make up a solution of detergent.  You will find using an Oblong Bucket makes wetting the applicator easier. You then wet the sleeve by immersing it in detergent. Then you remove the excess detergent. The applicator should not be dripping. Now you can rub the sleeve all over the window to cover the glass. You can use the pad on the end of the sleeve to remove any stubborn marks or bird droppings. You should rub the sleeve up and down and from side to side, and in a circular motion covering the window in suds. When all the dirt is loose, you can use a squeegee to remove the detergent. You may need to repeat if necessary. Clean up the edges with a Scrim - You can now clean windows!

What Size Do I Need:

The most popular size is 35cm 14". This is suitable for most windows.

Just To Be Sure:

You may have heard the Spotless Sleeve can be called different things, so you might enjoy learning the lingo. A 'washer' is another name for an applicator or sleeve. An applicator is a sleeve and a T Bar. You may find that some call a sleeve a 'soapy'.


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