Unger SmartColor SPILL MOP 1L

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Unger SmartColor SPILL MOP 1L is a good quality microfibre spill mop for absorption of large amounts of liquid, easy to use and quick. From Unger.

Product Information:

Unger SmartColor SPILL MOP 1L is a microfibre mop for absorption of large amounts of liquid.

14 mm long microfibres, extra-large surface

Long lasting and durable so will save you some money
Absorbs up to 1 l liquid immediately so fast and effective
Machine washable up to 500 times
Fits on UNGER Flat Mop Holder SM40G + erGO! Pocket Mop Holder FAPMH also availabe on our website.

Unger SmartColor Range
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Micro Mop 15.0




Micro Mop 7.0 SmartColor MICRO MOP 7.0




Spill Mop SmartColor SPILL MOP 1L

Tips For Cleaning Up Spills in the Workplace

Everyone is probably familiar with the saying, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” Spills can be dangerous, and could lead to crying when they happen the workplace.

You will encounter different spills. Use the right materials for the job so you can protect yourself and the people around you. Various spills may require different equipment, but it is best to be prepared for anything in the workplace. Spills should be wiped up, cleaned, and dried before the area is considered safe for work-related activities.

When any type of oil or liquid is spilled, it should be taken very seriously and cleaned up promptly. In every workplace, there are different types of substances that could cause a major slip and fall, thus resulting in a workers comp claim.

Make sure that you determine whether the spill is oil or water. Oil is flammable at times and can be more dangerous than water spills. Oil also can produce gas, which would cause a dangerous situation for your workplace.

While cleaning the spill, take the size of the spill into consideration. You will have to treat a large spill differently than a small spill. Do not take a paper towel to clean 3 gallons of spilled water. Whatever the size of the spill, clean it with the appropriate equipment.

Find out more information here: Tips For Cleaning Up Spills in the Workplace | Get a Grip! (


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