Shurflo Valve Kit 94-390-08

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Shurflo Valve Kit 94-390-08, replacement EPMD diaphragm Shurflo Pumps. Popular spare part for 8000 series water pumps used in window cleaning.

Product Information: Shurflo Valve Kit

Shurflo Valve Kit 94-390-08, genuine Shurflo spare part that will keep your Shurflo 8000-series pump working. Pump not included.

Shurflo product code: 94-390-08, equivalent to Shurflo product code: 94-390-06

Features: Shurflo Valve Kit

  • Genuine Shurflo spare part
  • EPDM synthetic rubber (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)
  • Easy to install

Often used on 8000 series pumps.

Shurflo Pump (Male Ports) 8000-946-138

Helpful Information: Shurflo Valve Kit

Two common reasons why you need to change the diaphragm are: firstly, debris has got into the pump head, and secondly the pump head has frozen.

In both cases the the pump will run but there will be no flow. If debris has caused the problem: First, remove the old diagram and examine. If there is debris within the pump head or under the valve seat follow the next step. Remove the contaminated diagram and rinse out the pump head and hoses connected to the pump. If the the valve seat appears 'wavy' this indicates that the pump has frozen. Next reassemble with the new valve kit and test the pump. Test the pump for performance and leaks.

If the pump was frozen the pump head may be distorted and could leak.

  • Isolate the pump before work begins
  • Take care to avoid water entering into the pumps electrical system
  • Protect the pump with an inlet strainer
  • If the pump is not running, this can be caused by faulty wiring or a damaged pressure switch

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