Shurflo Pump and V16 Bundle

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Shurflo Pump Bundle complete with Spring Controller, strainer and fittings. The kit includes the new V16 digital controller from Spring.


Product Information: Shurflo Pump Bundle

Shurflo Pump Bundle kit contains:

  • 1 x Shurflo Pump 8000 100psi 5L/Min Male Ports 8000-946-138 (Our Code 8000-946-135)
  • 1 x NEW SPRING CONTROLLER V16 digital 12V DC Unit, including instructions & Wiring (Our Code V16)
  • 1 x Shurflo Fitting Straight 1/2" NPTF to 1/2" Hose Nylon (Our Code SWS)
  • 1 x Shurflo Strainer 1/2" hose tail to 1/2"NPT Female (Our Code 255-223)

Production Information: Shurflo Pump 8000-946-138 Male

Shurflo Pump 8000-946-138 Male diaphragm Pump. Model 8000-946-138. A popular choice for window cleaners using water fed systems. Model 8000-942-138 may be supplied instead. There is no difference in performance.
Pressure: 100PSI. Open Flow: 5 LPM
Supply: 12v DC
Connections: 1/2" NPT Male ports.

Important Warranty Information.

Shurflo pumps come with limited warranty. This means that there is no warranty cover for damage to pumps from freezing, water ingress into the motor/electric or from the ingress of contamination by resin or other debris into the pump. Also, the pressure switch is not rated for work with water fed systems so this is not covered under the warranty if it fails, even within a very short period of time. To prolong the life of your pump and avoid repair bills, we suggest the following:

Do not let your pump freeze.

Provide suitable inlet filtration and prevent resin/debris from flowing back into the pump when changing resin.

Protect the pumps electrics and outer casing from water.

Product Information: Spring Controller V16 Digital

Spring Controller V16 Digital are the best pump controllers available today.

This Spring controller comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind. Also, there is good product support and helpful information available at the Spring Europe website.

Voltage: 12VDC

Wiring Information for the Spring V16 Basic

V16 Basic Wiring

Features Spring V16

  • The Spring V16 digital pump controller is a great bit of kit.
  • Pumpsmooth™ - The advance pump drive system runs the pump much more smoothly and quietly.
  • PolarityProtect™ - The V16 will not be damaged if wired incorrectly.
  • PumpPrecision™ - More precision, more water saving more accurate Dead-End detection.
  • PumpProtect™ - The V16 protects the whole system.
  • Easy mounting
  • Wiring instructions included. Additional information available, follow the links above.

Customer Questions Spring V16:

Why do I need to use a pump controller? There are a few reasons why using a pump controller is a good idea. Firstly, being able to control the pure water flow enables you to save water. Secondly it protects the pump switch, which is not covered by warranty. And thirdly it gives use other useful information about the system, such as battery voltage.

Helpful Information: Spring Controller V16 Digital 12V DC Unit



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