Shurflo Pressure Switch Kit

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Shurflo Pressure Switch Kit 80-100psi 94-375-18 for Shurflo 8000 pumps. Complete with fitting instructions. Genuine Shurflo replacement part.


Product Information: Shurflo Pressure Switch Kit

The Shurflo Pressure Switch Kit is a replacement pressure switch for Shurflo 8000 series pumps like the Shurflo male and female pumps we sell.
Shurflo pressure switch code: 94-375-18

Pressure: 80-100psi

Voltage: 12V

Customer Questions:

When do I need to replace the pressure switch? The simple answer is when the pressure switch fails. Before changing the switch, it is worth doing a couples of easy tests. If the pump is making a noise when switched on and is trying to pump water, this is not a pressure switch issue. On the other hand, if there is power to the pump but the pump is not working, it may indicate that the pressure switch needs replacing. If you have a pump controller, this may display 'PS'.

Will this switch fit Streamflo pumps? No. Please see our code WXV100 for the Streamflo pressure switch.

Is the switch easy to change? To be safe switch off power to the pump. The switch is easy to change provided there is good access and light. you will need a cross-head screwdriver. Carefully detach the wires to the switch. Mark which wire goes where, so you know how to connect them to the new switch. Carefully unscrew the pressure switch taking care not to lose any small parts. Replace the switch and reconnect the wires. Test the pump.

Does 'DE' mean I need to replace a pressure switch? If the controller shows 'DE' this indicates that the pump has been stopped by the controller due to closed valve or blockage on the delivery side of the pump. This is not as a result of action taken by the pressure switch or a pressure switch failure. So you should not need to change the pressure switch.

Lead Diagnostic for Pressure Switch

A useful addition to your tool box is the Diagnostic Lead for Pressure Switch's. It is used for testing pumps by bypassing the pressure switch. For more information, see our fault finding blog.

  • Continuity Tested
  • Fits Streamflo and Shurflo 12V Pumps

Helpful Tips:

Always check the wiring to the pump as this can also show as 'PS' on a controller.

If you are still having problems, please contact us and we will try to help you further

Warranty information: Pressure switch failure from repeated activation is not covered by warranty irrespective of the length of time the switch has been installed.


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