Shurflo Nylon Fittings

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Genuine Shurflo fittings designed for Shurflo pumps with 1/2” NPT male ports. Black swivel nut (1/2” NPT) with white hose tail designed for 1/2” bore hose. Sold individually, use the drop down box to select type.
Types available: Elbow or Straight
Material: Tough Nylon

Helpful Information:

What size are the Shurflo Nylon Fittings? These fittings have a 1/2" NPT swivel female nut on one end and a 1/2" hose tail on the other.

There re great advantages of using these Shurflo Nylon Fittings: Firstly, the water seal is created by the internal nipple of the swivel female nut mating with the cone inside the male port of the pump and, so the NPT threads provide the connecting force without having to make a water tight seal. Secondly, the large wings on the nut can also be easily tightened or released by hand. Fitting requires no tools.

Aslo, the tough Nylon construction prevents the connector being affected by corrosion, so you do not have to protect them from rust.

Product Information:

What are the Shurflo part numbers? Elbow is 234-3926 (our code SWE), and straight is 234-2926 (our code SWS).

Can you explain to me what NPTF means? NPT stands for National Pipe Tapered. It is an American tapered pipe thread and the F stands for Female.

Can I use a 1/2”BSP fitting instead? It is not recommended, although 1/2” BSP and NPT have the same number of teeth per inch (14) the thread angle is different. Using another type of fitting may rely on the threads providing the seal, so it is best to use a NPT threaded fitting.

What pumps does it fit? It will fit most Shurflo pumps with 1/2” NPT male ports, like the Shurflo 8000-946-138 (our code WXW11)

Can I use these fittings with my Shurflo 8000 series pump? Yes you can if it has male ports.

What type of fitting do i need? You choose the fitting that gives the best hose run to the pump or away from the pump.This may be a combination of elbow and straight fittings, or simple two elbows or two straights so drawing the installation beforehand may help you.

Also, remember a good tip: the inlet Strainer. Fittings will connect to the Strainer in the same way as they do to the pump.

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