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Pulex Tubex bucket on a belt

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Versatile hip bucket with dry and wet compartments for squeegee and window washer, keeping hands free for easy access to tight areas and safety on ladders. Use right or left handed. Fixes to trouser belt with a detachable loop.

Product Information: Pulex Tubex bucket on a belt

Pulex Tubex bucket on a belt helps you work quicker and safer.

Customer Questions:

What is Pulex Tubex bucket on a belt? The Bucket on a Belt will hold one Applicator (the tool for wetting the glass with detergent) and up to 3 Squeegees (the tool for removing the soapy detergent). The Bucket on a Belt is designed to be carried around on a belt about the waist.

Why do I need one? It looks good. Also it is a convenient way to carry window cleaning tools without having to carry a bucket. It is also useful for ladder work as only one hand is required to use it.

Why the Pulex Tubex bucket on a belt Lots of reasons - it is made for right or left right handed. It has a quick release belt clip so that the bucket part can be removed when travelling. It has a low centre of gravity so will tend to stay vertical and not wet your leg when you walk or climb a ladder.

Do I still need a window cleaning bucket? Yes. The Applicator will need rinsed and wetted frequently. The Window Cleaners Hip Bucket cannot do that effectively.

What size of Applicator will fit in a Pulex Tubex bucket on a belt? The 'best fit' size is 14" 35cm, with 10" 25cm coming a close second. Larger Applicators (18" 45cm and above) will fit but can stick up and soak your clothes or catch your arm. Small Applicators (6" 15cm) are a bit too small to stay in the Bucket on a Belt safely.

Helpful Information:

What size of Squeegee fit in a Pulex Tubex bucket on a belt? Most standard Stainless Steel and Brass Squeegees between 10" 25cm and 16" 40cm will sit well in the Window Cleaners Hip Bucket. The problem with smaller Squeegees is that they can fall out easily. And the problem with larger Squeegees is that they can catch on your arm as you move because they stick up to high. Please note: Not all Squeegees fit: Among the Squeegees that do not fit are any using the following Channels, Unger Ninja, Ettore Aluminium Super System Channels, Moerman Liquidator Channels, Pulex Alumax Channels.

Care: Dirty water from the Applicator can gather in the bucket part, so give it a wash and rinse out with warm water after use.


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