Pulex Technolite T Bar 14″ / 35cm

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Pulex Technolite T Bar well made and comfortable to use cleaning tool. A popular product that is also well priced.

Product Information: Pulex Technolite T Bar

What is a Pulex Technolite T Bar? Pulex Technolite T Bars are used to hold an applicator sleeve.
Why should I use the Pulex T Bar? It is a well made smart looking ergonomically designed, fixed T Bar with water indents with a light green and black plastic non-slip rubber handle. Secondly it will fit most telescopic poles with a push cones. Finally, it has a hole on the handle for a safety strap.

Customer Questions:

Are all T Bars the same? Yes and No! The simple answer is Yes - they all hold a sleeve. However there is a variety of designs which means that they are not all the same. For example; some swivel while others are fixed, some are lockable in a position where as most are not, some are plastic with flutes or indents to help hold the water while others are metal and plain. The Pulex T Bar is a fixed T Bar with indents that help retain water, so its a good tool for most jobs.

Size: 35cm 14" is a popular size that will handle most medium to larger jobs well. Additionally, all makes of 14" sleeves will fit on this T Bar. (Code: 101667)

Product Care:

Looking after your T Bar: When you wash your sleeve, rinse the T Bar in warm water to remove any dirt and soap.


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