Pulex Technolite Squeegee 14″

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Pulex Technolite Squeegee 14″ 35cm, high quality Stainless Steel squeegee in a popular size. Comfortable to use handle.

Product Information: Pulex Technolite Squeegee 14"

The Pulex Technolite Squeegee 14" 35cm is a modern and ergonomic design. The handle is made of a tough Plastic and Stainless Steel.

Handle colour: Green/Grey or Red/Grey depending upon stock depending upon the stock availability. Code 101653.


  • Ergonomic, non-slip rubber handle
  • It will fit onto most telescopic window cleaning poles
  • Hole for the safety strap
  • Will fit notched Stainless Steel channels from Pulex, Moerman and Unger. However, Ettore channels do not fit this channel.

Customer Questions:

What sizes are available? You can choose either 10" 25cm or 14" 35cm.

Do I need end clips these channels? No, you do not need end clips as the rubber is held in place by teeth on the squeegee handle.

Can I use any make of rubber in this channel? You can your almost any make of rubber. Certainly all the rubber we sell will fit. You can choose from a variety of manufacturers including Pulex rubber, Unger rubber, Ettore rubber and SYR rubber.

Can I put them in a bucket on a belt? Yes you can use these channels together with a suitable handle in a bucket on a belt.

Do I need anything else to clean my windows? This channel together with a suitable handle are use to remove the soapy liquid from your windows, but you still need to put that liquid on to your windows. We recommend that you also buy an applicator to do this.

Helpful Information:

Use the notches in the channel and position the handle to give you extra reach. In most cases you would have the handle positioned in the middle of the channel.

Would you prefer a Stainless Steel Channel or a Brass Channel. As a general rule most window cleaners now use Stainless Steel squeegees. These are normally lighter in weight, which makes them less tiring for you to use and the rubber is quicker to change. You will also find in most cases stainless Steel squeegees are cheaper than the equivalent size of Brass Squeegee, again making them more attractive for you to buy.

Also being Stainless Steel they are less likely to tarnish.


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