PTFE Tape x 12m

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PTFE Tape x 12m, 12mm wide. A must have product for water fed systems. Widely used with Brass fittings to make a water tight seal.

Product Information: PTFE Tape x 12m

High quality PTFE Tape x 12m. Ideal for thread sealing supplied with dust cover.
PTFE Tape 12mm wide x 12m long x 0.075mm thick.
BS7786:1995 Grade L. WRC Approved
Not suitable for gas. Product may appear different from image.

Customer Questions:

What is PTFE tape? Polytetrafluoroethylene known as PTFE is a soft, flexible compound that is formed into a tape. For window cleaners with water fed systems, and plumbers it is very useful because it is not affected by water, so making it a great sealing product.

Where do I use it? It can be wrapped around screw threads (normally the male thread) to help provide a water tight seal. PTFE Tape is very useful in water fed pole systems.

How do I use it? Because PTFE tape squashes and takes the shape of the thread, it is easy to use to little. Firstly, as you apply it to the thread, try smoothing it into the thread with your finger, this will allow more tape to be used. Secondly, when you cut or break the tape smooth the end of the tape into the thread. Don't worry if some of the tape comes off when you screw it into the female thread. Thirdly, excess tape can normally smoothed around the fitting - take care in pulling excess tape to remove it as this may pull out tape from around the fitting. Test the seal to ensure it is water tight. If it leaks remove the fitting, remove all the PTFE tape, inspect the fitting for damage to the thread that might have caused the leak. If the thread is OK, then try using more PTFE Tape than on the previous attempt. Finally, Repeat as necessary.

Helpful Information:

Most screw threads are clockwise to tighten. So wind the Tape onto the male thread so that it does not unwind when you screw it into the female thread.

Check you have not caused a potential blockage by taping over the end of the fitting.


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