Prochem Foil Furniture Protectors

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Prochem Foil Furniture Protectors a useful product for carpet cleaners. Supplied in an economical & easy to use pack of 1000 protectors.

Product Information: Prochem Foil Protectors

Prochem Foil Furniture Protectors are a favorite product used by professional carpet and upholstery cleaners. Also, they are relatively cheap to use, hence when the carpet is dry they can simply be removed and disposed of. Also using foil protectors is a good indication to the customer that the cleaner is a professional who cares about the quality of the job. In most cases it is not practical to reuse them.

Size: 2.5" 63mm x 2.5" 63mm

Quantity: 1000 protectors

Customer Questions: Prochem Foil Protectors

Why would I use Prochem Foil Protectors? You would use them to prevent rust marks and wood stains from furniture on cleaned but still damp carpet or rugs.

Do I still use them under furniture with plastic wheels? Although it is not necessary to use them because of rust or wood stain, many do use them for adding extra protection to the carpet or rug fibres during drying.

How do I protect the carpet from rust marks and wood stains from larger pieces of furniture? You can use the furniture blocks for larger furniture.

Helpful Information: Prochem Foil Protectors

Store in a dry location, keeping then a flat as possible.

Also use them with the foil side toward the carpet or rug.

1 review for Prochem Foil Furniture Protectors

  1. Tonecity

    A good value extra for carpet cleaning. Product works well, fits under chair legs without tearing.

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