Penloc Toughened Acrylic Adhesive

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Penloc Toughened Acrylic Adhesive excellent for repairing water fed poles. Supplied in a handy 12ml syringe (Streamline Code: PEN12). Simple to use. Effective bonding.

Product Information: Acrylic Adhesive

Penloc Toughened Acrylic Adhesive. Ideal for repairs to water fed poles, such as bonding a replacement end cone to a pole, as shown below. Cone not included.


  • Brand: Penloc 1:1
  • Ideal for bonding most metals, plastics, wood, glass and composite materials.
  • Size: 12ml
  • Also fast curing
  • Plus high strength
  • Distinctive green and pink two part adhesive

Pole End Cone

For more information on the adhesive, follow the link for the Eurobond Technical Data Sheet Penloc-1.1-tech-data

Helpful Information:

Penloc® 1:1 can be applied to clean and dry untreated surfaces. However for the best results we recommend lightly abrading both surfaces to remove any dirt or debris and cleaning with isopropyl alcohol prior to bonding.

Although it will bond giving an extremely high handling strength in just 5 minutes and almost full strength being achieved in about one hour. We recommend the bond be allowed to strengthen over night before normal use.

Additionally, when bonding clamps, separate pole sections before bonding to avoid accidently bonding pole sections together.

Streamline Xtel Pole Clamps

Also when bonding base caps, ensure inner pole sections are completely clear of the end of the pole to avoid accidently bonding the pole sections together.

Streamline Base Cap


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