O Ring Hoselock Connectors

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O Ring Hoselock Connectors, seal compatible with male hoselock fittings. Easy to fit and good quality seal. Ideal spare for water fed systems.

Product Information: O Ring

O Ring Hoselock Connectors. Colour maybe black (Rubber) or red (Silicone) depending upon stock. Additionally, replacing damaged O Rings saves money by reducing leaks and wasted water. Also, it prevents pressure loss.

Streamline Product Code: AHA-OS

Buy individual O Rings or as part of a Kit that includes 5 O Rings and one disposable removal Tool.

Compatible with the following connectors:

Male Hoselock Fittings
WXW007 Connector Hoselock Triple Male to Hoselock Male Nylon
WXW006 Connector Hoselock Male to Hoselock Male Nylon
WXW025 Connector Hoselock Male to 1/2" & 3/4" BSP Female Nylon
WXW033 Connector Hoselock Male to 6mm Bore Hose Aluminium
WXW023 Connector Hoselock Male to 1/2" BSP Male Brass






Connector Hoselock Male to 3/4" BSP Male

Connector Hoselock Male to 3/4" BSP Male

WXW026 Connector hoselock
WXW017 Connector Swivel 3/4"BSP to Hoselock Male Brass

Helpful Information: O Ring

Also available for BSP fittings:

How to replace an O Ring

Fitting a replacement O Ring involves two basic steps. Firstly, removing the old and damaged O Ring without damaging the fitting. Secondly, fitting the replacement O Ring without damaging it during this process.

Going back to the first step. In most cases the old O Ring must be levered out of the groove. This can be done using a O Ring removal tool or something similar. Our disposable removal tool has a pointed end and a flat end. When using the tool take care not to hurt yourself. There are different ways of using the tool, for example; push the pointed end of the tool into the O Ring groove parallel with the O Ring. Then while pushing the tool forward rotate the tool 90 degrees with the pointed end under the O Ring, Lever out the O Ring. Alternatively the flat end of the tool can be used, depending on the design of the fitting.

Next fitting the new O Ring, start by checking the fitting and the groove for debris. Clean if necessary. Now gently and evenly push the new O Ring over the end of the fitting and into the groove. Do not use the Removal Tool to fit the new O Ring. Lastly test the fitting for leaks.

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