Moerman swivel washer T-Bar

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Moerman Bi-Component Premium T-Bar for window cleaning. Comfort grip. Available in three popular sizes; 10″ 25cm, 14″ 35cm and 18″ 45cm.

Product Information: MOERMAN SWIVEL T-BAR

What does Moerman T-Bars do? Moerman T-Bars are used to hold an applicator sleeve. The Swivel T-bar is a lightweight and durable washer sleeve holder. Unlock swivel movement by loosening the knob.
Why should I use the Moerman T-Bars? It is a well made smart looking, fixed, fluted T-Bar with a comfortable plastic handle. Secondly it will fit most telescopic poles with a push cones. And lastly it has been designed to fit poles that use the Moerman end cone, the Ettore Pro+ end cone and the Unger ErgoTec end cone (as used on Unger TelePlus and OptiLoc pole systems) which provides positive locking of the T-Bar to the pole - a must for safety.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy cleaning of hard-to-reach spots
  • Water wells for increased water retention
  • Fixes securely to Moerman extension poles

Moerman product codes: 20630 10" 25cm, 20629 14" 35cm and 20631 18" 45cm


Why choose the SwivelMaster T-bar? With the same grip mechanism as the Excelerator 2.0, the SwivelMaster brings unmatched adaptability to your window washing routine. Not only does it offer comfort and precision, but it also allows you to adjust the swivel motion from very loose to as tight as you like it using an Allen key. Moreover, its varying angle settings make cleaning hard-to-reach windows a breeze, even those with deep windowsills that usually pose a challenge.


  • Customizable friction with self-locking hexagon nut
  • Swivel point close to the window for ultimate control
  • 180° swivel mode
  • 90° automatic fast lock lever
  • Adjustable angles: 0° +25° +50°
  • Ideal for high, low and hard to reach spots
  • Can be used in hand or on extension poles
  • Fits & fixes Fixes securely to Moerman extension poles and adapters

Moerman product codes: 28308 10" 25cm, 28309 14" 35cm and 28310 18" 45cm

Customer Questions:

Are all T-Bars the same? Yes and No! The simple answer is Yes - they all hold a sleeve. However there is a variety of designs which means that they are not all the same. For example; some swivel while others are fixed, some are lockable in a position where as most are not, some are plastic with flutes or indents to help hold the water while others are metal and plain. The Moerman T-Bar is a fixed T -Bar with straight flutes, so its a good tool for most jobs.

Which one is for me?  The choice is up to you. However to help you decide you may wish to consider the following:
Size: Choose  the size to fit the window. 35cm 14" is a popular size. Georgian windows may be best cleaned using a smaller size (10" 25cm), while offices, shops and patio doors may require a larger size (18" 45cm).
Hand Held or Telescopic Pole:  If you are using the T-Bar by hand then choose a T-Bar with a good grip. The ergonomic design of the Moerman T-Bar provides a good grip.
To avoid any compatibility issues buy the same make of T-Bar and telescopic pole.

Helpful Information:

Which Sleeve? Choose the same size sleeve as the T-Bar you have. All makes of sleeve fit standard T-Bars.
Fluted or Plain? The idea is that fluted or indented T-Bars hold more water. However in most cases the choice of Sleeve determines how much water is held. Many window cleaners accept that Microfiber sleeves will hold the most water irrespective of the T-Bar design. The Moerman T-Bar does have flutes (or water wells).

Product Care:

Looking after your T-Bar: When you wash your sleeve, rinse the T-Bar in warm water to remove any dirt and soap.


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