Moerman NXT-R Rubber

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Moerman NXT-R use with the Liquidator or standard channels.

Excellent performance and durability
Perfect glide
All-season rubber for top performances
Excellent grip on all kind of windows
Unique turquoise colour
Each rubber inspected manually

Product Information:

Moerman NXT-R Rubber is a soft premium quality replacement squeegee rubber. Replacing your old squeegee rubber with Moerman NXT-R rubber is a cost effective way to keep your window cleaning tools working well.

Customer Questions:

  • What is the difference between NXT-R and NXT-R Silver Edition?

For everyday window cleaning: NXT-R rubber is a dependable option that provides excellent performance and durability for routine cleaning jobs, making it a worthwhile investment for those who want to achieve consistent results. It is available in turquoise colour and in both straight and Liquidator cut sizes (10" - 14" - 18"), giving users more flexibility to choose the size that best suits their needs.

For extreme weather conditions or heavy-duty cleaning: the superior hardness and durability of the NXT-R Silver Edition make it more effective at removing stubborn grime and dirt, as well as resistant to extreme weather conditions like cold or warm temperatures, ensuring consistent and reliable cleaning results. It is available in grey colour and only comes in straight rubber in sizes 14" and 18".

  • I notice that you sell different lengths of long rubber, which one should I buy? If your squeegee is 15cm 6", 30cm 12" or 45cm 18" then you should buy a 92cm 36" length. If your squeegee is 25cm 10" or 35cm 14" long, you are better with the 106cm 42" rubber.
  • Will this rubber fit my squeegee? Probably yes. The Moerman NXT rubber fits standard squeegee channels
  • When do I know when to change the rubber? Generally you will need to replace your squeegee rubber when it no longer removes the detergent from the window without leaving streaks.
  • How do I cut this squeegee rubber? You can use a pocket scraper fitted with a good blade. With the rubber lying on a suitable flat surface, you should simply press the blade through the rubber.
  • How do I store my rubber? You can roll the rubber up and keep it in a dry bags.

Helpful information:

Squeegee rubber only works using one edge, so you can extend its life by reversing the rubber when it becomes worn.

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Liquidator cut, Standard cut



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  1. David MCcarthy

    I’ve always used ettore master, tried these wow no going back.. One word… Fantastic…

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