Moerman Premium F*LIQ Sleeve

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Moerman Premium F*LIQ Sleeve professional window cleaning accessory for the Excelerator 2.0 handle. 100% microfiber sleeve. Available in 4 popular sizes. Machine washable. The Fugu F*LIQ pad is a lightning fast switching pad, now also available in Fugu fabric: hard abrasive bristles for maximum cleaning power.

Product Information:

Moerman Premium F*LIQ Sleeve.

A flat washer that easily clicks onto your LIQUIDATOR 3.0 channel to become a fully integrated washer. F*LIQ is so precise that it only washes the glass, so no more detailing of window frame.

The F*LIQ pad comes with two F*LIQ clips which easily click onto the LIQUIDATOR 3.0 channel, hugging the fixed end-clips. The F*LIQ pad is a premium 100% microfiber sleeve, boosted with an extra internal padding for increased water retention.

Use the F*LIQ pad in a F*LIQ UNDER or F*LIQ OVER position – depending on handheld or pole-use. Attach the pad to the top of the channel to use in a F*LIQ UNDER position for hand-use, with a simple flick of the wrist you go from washing and wiping the window in no time.

Attach the sleeve to the top of the channel and you’ll convert your LIQUIDATOR 3.0 squeegee to a wash – and wipe F*LIQ OVER tool which we advise to be used during pole assisted cleaning. With a simple flick of the wrist you to from washing to wiping the widow, without having to detail the edges. Shown attached below. Handle and Channel not included.

Moerman Product Codes:

  • 25 cm / 10" 23521
  • 35 cm / 14"23522
  • 45 cm / 18" 23523

Common Features:

  • Strong and durable
  • Easy click-on system for the Liquidator 3.0 Channel
  • Easy on/off F*LIQ clips
  • Extra padding ensures high water retention
  • Washable at 60°
  • High tear and wear resistance
  • Replacement F*LIQ clips are available

Premium Features:

  • 100% high quality microfibre

Fugu Features:

  • Bristles to clean up tough dirt
  • Mixed colours in one: black-white-turquoise
  • High water retention

Petit F*LIQ:

Crafted with quality in mind, the petit F*LIQ features a small aluminum fixation bar that conveniently attaches to both the Excelerator 2.0 and the Liquidator 6" channel. This means you can easily clean hard-to-reach windows without the hassle of switching tools.

We understand that over time, the pad on your Petit F*LIQ may wear out and need to be replaced. That's why we offer a replacement pad option that fits perfectly with the fixation bar for both the Fugu and Premium F*LIQ versions.

Get your petit F*LIQ today and experience streak-free cleaning like never before with the Excelerator 2.0, Liquidator 'Petit Prince' and new Fugu F*LIQ available in Premium and Fugu version!

Helpful Information:

Also, available replacement clips.

1 review for Moerman Premium F*LIQ Sleeve

  1. Gary Duffus (verified owner)

    Great for regular cleans and has helped to reduce ladder work to minimum. If your starting out the Excelerator is the way to go.

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