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Moerman F*LIQ Replacement Clips (set of 2)

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Moerman F*LIQ Replacement Clips, useful spare part. Pack of 1 set. Genuine Moerman spare part. Moerman product code 23524 fits F*LIQ Sleeves.

Product Information:

Moerman F*LIQ Replacement Clips. Fits the Moerman F*LIQ Sleeve. Contains 1 set of clips and back clips. Sleeve and Channel not included. Specially profiled to fit the Moerman Channel 3.0

Moerman Product Code: 23524

Helpful Information:

Clips are used on all three sizes of Moerman Premium F*LIQ Sleeves. Two Clips are used on each Sleeve.

For reference, Moerman Premium F*LIQ Sleeve information.

A flat washer that easily clicks onto your LIQUIDATOR 3.0 channel to become a fully integrated washer. F*LIQ is so precise that it only washes the glass, so no more detailing of window frame.

The F*LIQ pad comes with two F*LIQ clips which easily click onto the LIQUIDATOR 3.0 channel, hugging the fixed end-clips. The F*LIQ pad is a premium 100% microfiber sleeve, boosted with an extra internal padding for increased water retention.

Use the F*LIQ pad in a F*LIQ UNDER or F*LIQ OVER position – depending on handheld or pole-use. Attach the pad to the top of the channel to use in a F*LIQ UNDER position for hand-use, with a simple flick of the wrist you go from washing and wiping the window in no time.


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