Maykker Mini Pure Carbon

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The Maykker Mini is a dream come true for storefronts and one story homes. Can be used with your waterfed equipment. Just switch out the Acme tip for a Euro Tip (SLST), and you can attach a water fed brush.

Product Information: Maykker Mini Pure Carbon

The Maykker Mini is a dream come true for storefronts and one story homes.
Beautifully finished, this light weight pole is incredibly rigged with a top notch clamping system. The 5 section all carbon fiber extends fully to 8’ and fully collapses to an mere 27”. This pole is perfect for working in tight spaces when longer sectioned poles would be cumbersome and not practical. (stairwells, behind curtains, shades, blinds, reach around displays, obstructions behind you, etc)..

Use zero degree and or swivel tools directly in front of you as oppose to one side or the other. The collapsed 2’ 7” makes this the easiest pole to store.

This is a great little pole that will quickly become your go-2 for one story situations.

The Maykker Mini Hybrid includes an Acme Tip with a wood cone adapter for using traditional window cleaning tools. You can upgrade your pole with a specialized adapter for your favourite tool brands like Moerman, Unger, Ettore, and Wagtail.

If you wanted to, you could even set this up to be used with your water-fed equipment. Just switch out the Acme tip for a Euro Tip (SLST), and you can attach a water-fed brush.

This bright orange pole will feel good in your hands, and the high-quality clamps will make this your new favourite pole for low-level work.

Can be extended for an extra 3 feet of length. The Add-On sections slide over the bottom of your pole.


Super compact pole, only 2'7"

Extends to 8'

5 Sections
Weighs 1.8 lbs | 820 g
Comes with Acme Tip and wood cone
Compacted Size with Add On 33.75"
Very Lightweight

About the Maykker Mini Extension pure carbon

This extension set fits the 8 foot model of the Maykker Mini. The super compact extension poles are perfect for storefront routes, but if you need them to be a little taller, you can purchase this extension set for 3 more feet. Slide one piece into the top part of your Maykker Mini and the over part over the outermost section. The top section includes a built in Unger or Moerman Tip for your traditional tools.

Technical Data:
2 sections. One base and one extended tip with Unger or Moerman tip
Extend the Maykker Mini with 3 feet / 1 meter.


Add 3' to your Maykker Mini
Easy to install
Two sections
Pure carbon material

Pole 27" / 69cm 95" / 241 cm
Extension 3' / 1m 3' / 1m

Helpful Information:

Are there any special safety precautions I need to take while using the pole? Yes, when using this or any other carbon pole care needs to be taken to avoid overhead power lines and cables. Carbon is an excellent electrical conductor and contact with an electrical source could result in serious injury or death from electrocution. Also do not this or other poles in an electrical storm, as being struck by lightning can likewise cause series injury or death.

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