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Laddermat Ladder Leveller LM1

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Laddermat Ladder Leveller LM1 a simple to use product for improved ladder safety. Easy to carry and use when you need it.

Product Information: Laddermat Ladder Leveller

Laddermat Ladder Leveller LM1, an experienced window cleaner who knows the risks associated with using ladders invented this product.

Features: Laddermat Ladder Leveller

  • Easy to carry
  • Improves ladder safety

Customer Questions: Laddermat Ladder Leveller

Why do I need a Laddermat? This is a simple product that makes using a ladder safer. Also, they are easy to carry and quick to use.

What do I get when I buy a Laddermat? You receive four mats made from heavy-duty rubber matting. Also, the mats have nodules for extra grip, they are also inked together by a sturdy metal loop.

What are they for? They are designed to give adjustment to unstable ladders by using anti-slip blocking, which is positioned under one ladder foot, so giving the necessary extra height. Alternatively, you can put them under both feet of the ladder to reduce the risk of it slipping or of sinking into soft ground.

In conclusion, using a Laddermat Ladder Leveller can improve your safety when using a ladder.

Helpful Information:

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