Jubilee Type Clip 11-25mm

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Jubilee Type Clip 11-25mm genuine high quality hose clamp for 1/2″ bore hose. A useful hose accessory for water fed pole installations in vans.

Product Information: Jubilee Type Clip 11-25mm

The Jubilee Type Clip 11-25mm, is a Stainless Steel band and worm drive clamp for tightening around hose. Because they are so reliable, they are often used  to secure a hose on to a hose tail. When installed they can be used as permanent or temporary clamps. Also, Jubilee type of clips have been around a long time, in fact since 1921 and have a reputation as a high quality product.

Features and Specifications of Tridon Hose Clips:

  • Material Stainless Steel making them durable and strong
  • Size: 11 - 25 mm
  • Simple to tighten and loosen, with a flat head screw driver or suitably sized socket making them easy to install and remove

Customer Questions: Hose Clips

Which hose are they best used with? Any hose with an outside diameter between 11mm and 25mm. We stock a number of 1/2" bore hose, from the budget to the premium quality hose. Some 8mm bore hose can also be used with these clips.

Manufacturer: Tridon

Fitting a Jubilee Clip:

Firstly, Unscrew the clip and place it over the hose, before inserting the fitting. Tip: Carefully softening the end of the hose in hot water may help the fitting being inserted.

However, when fitting, do not unscrew the worm drive all the way out of the band, as this will cause you problems during the tightening of the clip.

Finally, position the screw in the best position for tightening and turning the screw clockwise clamp the hose.


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