Jigsaw Vision V2 Additive

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Jigsaw Vision V2 Additive popular with professional window cleaners using pure water for water fed pole systems. Economical to use, size 500ml


Product Information:

Jigsaw Vision V2 Additive.


  • Firstly, it improved cleaning power
  • Also, it is more efficient and quicker to remove bird mess and snail trials .
  • Additionally it gives added shine and has added glide
  • Some Windows sheet more
  • Plus it has very little odour
  • Also there are fewer bubbles that cascade down the glass quicker .
  • More powerful and efficient cleaning so potential less water used
  • Dose at 1ml to 2ml per 100 litres of water

Helpful Information:


Safety Safety Data Sheet: msds-VISIONV2

COSHH Assessment Sheet: VisionV2-COSHH

Customer Questions:

Does Vision Increase TDS?

No, used at the correct dilution there will be no increase in TDS readings.

Also, if trying Vision for the first time, start with a low dosage and gradually increase until you find a level that feels good to you.

Does Vision Help Remove Stubborn Dirt?

Yes! Vision was designed to give WFP’ers that little extra boost, slightly improved scrubbing power to help deal with bird muck and snails trails. Additionally, its not a magic potion, but it definitely helps!

Does Vision Make Glass More Hydrophilic?
Many users do report improved sheeting of glass – although it can vary between panes and is dependent on dosage, Vision is designed to make rinsing glass quicker & easier.
How Long Will A Bottle Of Vision Last?

This depends on your dosage and the amount of water you use each week, but one 500ml bottle can treat up to 50,000 litres of water, so if you use 2000 litres a week you can get up to 6 months out of one bottle!

Important Note: We do not recommend Vision is used before the DI vessel as the resin will likely remove the product.

3 reviews for Jigsaw Vision V2 Additive

  1. Marc Laird

    This product cleaned windows better than ever before and my customers were really pleased with the end result

  2. Matt Grindlay

    V2 even better than the last one. Very happy with it.

  3. Leigh

    Question – what ratio is used for 25 litre barrels when using on trolley system ?
    Also does it damage pump seals

    • Tony

      Hi Leigh
      We do not recommend Vision is used before the DI vessel as the resin will likely remove the product.
      Vision 2 is best used where the water has been treated to become pure water and then the product is introduced.
      This will not be possible on most trolley systems.

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