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Jigsaw Vision TFR-CC

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Jigsaw Vision TFR-CC heavy duty liquid for professional window cleaners. Ideal for cleaning UPVC. Highly concentrated and economical to use.

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Product Information:

Jigsaw Vision TFR-CC is a useful product for window cleaners. Using TFR  you an effective way to clean UPVC window frames as part of the services you can offer.

Basic Instructions:
  • Read the safety data sheet and instructions
  • Wear the appropriate PPE, particularly suitable gloves and eye protection
  • First clean a small test area
  • Wipe away cobwebs
  • Wet a small area with water.
  • Apply the correctly diluted TFR to a small area, follow the dilution rates as shown below
  • Also take care to apply only to the UPVC being cleaned
  • Gently agitate the test area, taking care not to damage or scratch the surface
  • Wipe off the cleaning solution and then rinse thoroughly with water
  • Again take care to avoid splashes and over-spray
  • If the results are satisfactory then continue with the cleaning
  • Finish by cleaning the window and dry the frame to improve appearance
Dilution rates:
  • Non caustic = 25ml per 5l of water.
  • Caustic = 50ml per 5l of water.
    •  If using a backpack: Add 75 -100ml to a 18l backpack and apply as a spray solution.

Safety Data Sheet Jigsaw Vision TFR Caustic

Helpful Information:

Also available are Showa Temres Gloves


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