Hart Graffitex 1L

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Hart Graffitex 1L is a fast acting water rinseable graffiti remover. It is formulated to remove a wide range of paints and inks.
It can also dissolve felt pen, ballpoint pen, pencil, crayon and lipstick.
Safe for you to use on solvent resistance surfaces such as metal, glass, stone, wood, porcelain, brick and ceramics
Fast acting and has a low odour formula.
Please note: Do not use on plastic and painted surfaces.



Customer Questions:

Is Hart Graffitex 1L is an effective product for me to use? Hart Graffitex is a professional graffiti remover designed to remove a variety of graffiti problems from solvent resistant surfaces.

Can I use it on Sandstone? Yes, but with caution and care. Sandstone can be easily damaged. Often you will find that spray-paint, for example, may soak into the surface making it very difficult to remove. The surface may be damaged by using a wire brush or by pressure washing. You may find that you can only safely apply the Hart Graffitex 1L using a cloth and then washing it gently off using water. Even after a treatment using Hart Graffitex 1L you may find that a shadow of graffiti still remains. Repeating the treatment my improve the appearance.


You should always read the label and follow the instructions. Also, you should always wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when using Hart Graffitex 1L. Three things are a must for your protection; suitable hand, eye and lung protection. Additionally, you can download the safety data sheet that provides more specific information on this subject.

When you are washing off or removing the Hart Graffitex, you should think about where the waste water if running.

A product safety data sheet is available to you to download, if you require any further information on the product.

Helpful Information:

You should always allow the Hart Graffitex to do the work. In other words, you should allow sufficient time for the chemical formula to work. It can take longer to work in cold weather and if the surface is wet. Don't let it dry and you should keep gently agitating the surface, without damaging it by using too much force.

Where possible you should try to apply the Hart Graffitex using a brush or a suitable cloth.


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