FaceLift Protector Pod

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FaceLift Protector Pod useful new product that protects Rectus 21 fittings on hose. Easy to fit. Made from tough Nylon. Available in two sizes, 6mm and 8mm.

Product Information:

The FaceLift Protector Pod is a new useful product that is an alternative to using a Protecta-Ball®. Also, it has been designed to fit over the popular Rectus 21 hose connectors. The clever design allows for using O Clips. Hose and fittings are not included.

  • Made from tough Nylon
  • Reduces damage to Rectus 21 hose fittings
  • Easy to fit
  • Two sizes available for either 6mm bore feed hose or 8mm bore feed hose.
  • Simply screw together or separate
  • Supplied as a complete kit, one female pole hose pod and one male feed hose pod.

Fits Rectus 21 fittings between the water fed pole and feed hose. Each set contains one male and one female fitting. elect the size based on the bore of the feed hose, either 6mm or 8mm.

Type Hose Bore Max External Hose Diameter Remarks
Female 6mm 10.5mm Pole hose
Male 6mm 12mm Feed hose
Male 8mm 14mm Feed hose

Helpful Tip:

If damaged, replace the complete set. Also, to reduce snagging, do not use a 6mm bore hose in an 8mm fitting. Additionally, fit the protector pod before fitting the Rectus 21 fitting.

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