Facelift Phantom Pole Clamps

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Facelift® Phantom Pole Clamps keep your pole working properly and safe. Available in all sizes. Easy to replace damaged clamps with new ones.

Product Information: Phantom Pole Clamps

Facelift® Phantom Pole Clamps are available in different sizes. There are ten sizes available. Take care to order the correct clamp. Remember, the smallest is size 0 and the largest is size 9. Finally, to get the correct size, count down the pole clamps from 0. Also, clamps 1 - 9 have a number molded into the clamp body. Please note that clamp 0 does not have any identification on the clamp body.

Colour: Black body with red lever.

Features: Phantom Pole Clamps

  • Designed and made by Ex-Ceed Innovations (the people who make the Uni-Valve)
  • Strong Nylon Construction
  • Easy to remove and replace
  • Stylish appearance

Customer Questions: Phantom Pole Clamps

Do these clamps need to be glued in place? No, clamps are held in place by means of a nut and screw.

Helpful Information: Phantom Pole Clamp

Keep the pole clamp mechanism free from grit. Also do not let the poles slide down quickly, hitting the clamp below as this will damage the clamps.

Assembly requires the use of a 4mm Hex Allen key to tighten the clamp. Check the clamp screw tightness regularly but do not over-tighten the screws.

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