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Ex-ceed Yellow hose 8mm OD per meter

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Ex-ceed Yellow hose 8mm OD per meter, a new high performance pole hose. Best hose when used with uni-valves.


Product Information: Ex-ceed Yellow hose 8mm OD per meter

The Ex-ceed Yellow hose 8mm OD is the best hose when used with the Ex-Ceed Uni-Valve.

This hose is also an alternative to the Streamline Flexi-5 Hose.

Features of Ex-ceed yellow Hose:

  • Extremely flexible
  • Operating Temperature -20C to +80C
  • Excellent kink resistance
  • 5mm Bore

Hose Selection Guide:

As a general rule, you should keep the hose bore as large as possible and keep the length of the hose as short as possible. Also keep the number of connections as few as possible.

  • 5mm Bore Hose. The best for pole hose. This hose.
  • 6mm Bore Hose: A useful hose that will fit in 50m and 100m lengths on good hose reels.
  • 8mm Bore hose: Similar to the 6mm bore hose above, you can use this hose on good hose reels. Available in 50m and 100m lengths. The advantage is less pressure loss than the 6mm bore hose.
  • 12.5mm Bore Hose: The best hose to use from the Water Tank, the Pump, DI Vessel and Hose Reel.

Helpful Information: Ex-ceed Yellow hose 8mm OD per meter

Use fittings and connectors that minimise the pressure loss on your system.

Compatible fittings:

  • Hoselock type pole connector, WXW033.
  • Rectus 21 type of connector, WXW070.
  • Slick 2 type of connector, WXE15.
  • Push fit connector often used at the top of the pole, WXV121.
  • Not a connector but possibly a useful part for securing the hose, O Clips. 

Another useful tip that will help you when fitting the hose over a hose tail, is to warm the end of the hose in hot water first.


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