Ettore ProGrip T-Bar

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Ettore ProGrip T-Bar. Designed to hold window cleaning applicator sleeves. With Comfortable grip. Available in 10″ 25cm, 14″ 35cm & 18″ 45cm.

Product Information: Ettore ProGrip

Ettore ProGrip T-Bar exclusive design features a longer ergonomic handle with rubber grip for maximum use and comfort.

Ettore product codes:

  • 10" 25cm 4010
  • 14" 35cm 4014
  • 18" 45cm 4018

Colour: Dark Grey.

Customer Questions:

What is a Ettore ProGrip T Bar? The Ettore T-Bar is used to hold an Applicator Sleeve. An Applicator Sleeve puts the window cleaning detergent onto the glass.

Why use the Ettore T-Bar? It is a well made plastic, fixed, fluted T-Bar with soft grip for extra comfort. It will fit most telescopic poles with a push cone, but it is designed for Ettore telescopic poles. A locking pin on Pro+ cones keep them in place during cleaning.

Which one is for me?  The choice is up to you. However to help you decide you may wish to consider the following:
Size: Choose  the size to fit the window. 35cm 14" is a popular size. Georgian windows may be best cleaned using a smaller size, while offices, shops and patio doors may require a larger size.
Hand Held or Telescopic Pole:  If you are using the T Bar by hand then choose a T-Bar with a good grip. The Ettore ProGrip T Bar has a soft grip ideal for holding by hand.
If you going to attach the T Bar to a pole then choosing a swivel T Bar can make applying the detergent to the window easier. To avoid any compatibility issues buy the same make of T Bar and telescopic pole.

Helpful Information:

Are they all the same? Yes and No! The simple answer is Yes - they all hold a sleeve. However there is a variety of designs which means that they are not all the same. For example; some swivel while others are fixed, some are lockable in a position where as most are not, some are plastic with flutes or indents to help hold the water while others are metal and plain. The Ettore ProGrip is a good T-Bar for most jobs. It is a fixed T-Bar with flutes.

Which Sleeve? Choose the same size sleeve as the T-Bar you have. All makes of sleeve fit standard T Bars.

Fluted or Plain? The idea is that fluted or indented T-Bars hold more water. However in most cases the choice of Sleeve determines how much water is held. Many window cleaners accept that Microfiber sleeves will hold the most water irrespective of the T-Bar design.

Care: When you wash your sleeve, rinse the T-Bar in warm water to remove any dirt and soap.

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