Ettore SQUEEGEE OFF Liquid

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Ettore SQUEEGEE OFF Liquid soap, a premium product for your windows. A great product for professionals. Available in two sizes, 0.5L and 5L.

Product Information: Ettore Squeegee Off

Ettore SQUEEGEE OFF Liquid is very economical to use and leaves your windows looking streak free and great.

One of our most popular traditional window cleaning detergents. For best results use an applicator (sleeve & T Bar) to apply the solution to the windows before using a squeegee (handle & channel) to remove it.

Ettore product code: 30500 for 0.5L and 30126 for 5L

Also, you only need to use only 2 teaspoons of Squeegee-Off per 4L of water for the perfect window cleaning solution.

Customer Questions: Ettore Squeegee Off

Can't I just use washing up liquid? Many people do. However, this product has been developed by Ettore specifically for window cleaning and has proved a popular choice of many window cleaners.

Helpful Information: Ettore Squeegee Off

  • Wash applicator sleeve frequently to remove dirt and grime
  • More is not always better, use as little as possible
  • Store in a frost-free location
  • For safety keep away from children and pets
  • Read instructions on the back of the bottle before use
  • When finished, wash the applicator sleeve and store dry
  • Never clean windows in direct sunlight

Medical Information: Ettore Squeegee Off

Medical personnel can request the data sheet via +31 (0)36 54 94 710. Consumer information can be obtained via

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