Ettore Master Steel Channels

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Ettore Master Steel Channels professional squeegee channel and rubber. Made from Stainless Steel and available in various popular sizes.

Product Information: Ettore Channels

The Ettore Master Steel Channels are designed to fit Ettore squeegee handles. They come with the high quality Ettore Master Rubber.

These channels do not require end clips as the rubber is held in place by the teeth on the lower plate of the handle.

Ettore Product codes:

  • 10" 25cm 1225
  • 12" 30cm 1229
  • 14" 35cm 1233
  • 16" 40cm 1237
  • 18" 45cm 1241
  • 22" 55cm 1248

Customer Questions:

What does this channel and a suitable handle do? It is part of a squeegee. When this channel is fitted to a compatible handle, it is used to remove the detergent from windows.

Will I be able use this Ettore Stainless Steel Channel with a Brass handle? No, unfortunately Ettore channels do not fit Brass handles as Brass handles do not hold the rubber in place.

Can I use Ettore Stainless Steel Channels to replace an Unger Stainless Steel Channel? No, unfortunately Ettore channels do not fit Unger handles.

Do I need to use end clips with this channel? No, the teeth on the bottom plate have teeth that hold the rubber in place.

Are there replacement parts for this channel? Yes, replacement rubber from Ettore is available. Although most squeegee rubber from Unger, Moerman, SYR and Pulex will also fit these channels.

What else do I need in order to clean my windows? You need an applicator to put the detergent on to the window, and a suitable detergent.

Handle Guide:

Handle Guide
Ettore Wt Soft Grip Swivel Pole Lock
1352 100g Yes No Yes
2021 100g No No Yes
2410 90g No No Yes
1355 75g Yes No No
1360 125g No Yes Yes

Helpful Information:

Stainless Steel or Brass? In most cases Stainless Steel wins! It is lighter in weight, normally cheaper, it does not require end clips and it keeps its looks. Brass on the other hand is still popular as some window cleaners prefer its more substantial feel. We stock a wide range of both Stainless Steel and Brass squeegees.


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