Ettore End Clips 1253 – 12 pk

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Ettore End Clips 1253, holds the squeegee rubber in Brass channels. Sold in a economical packet of Brass 12 Clips.


Customer Questions:

Do I need Ettore End Clips 1253? Yes you do if you use Brass channels as they hold the rubber within the channel of a squeegee.

What will happen if I don't use them? Possibly two things, Firstly as the clips tension the rubber not fitting them limits performance. Secondly the rubber might simply slide out of the channel.

Why should I use Ettore End Clips 1253? They are well made and give your channel a good grip of the rubber also they are designed to fit the internal profile of most Brass Channels.

Do all my Channels need them? No, with most Stainless Steel Channels the rubber is held in position by teeth in the Squeegee handle. Most Brass Channels use End Clips. However, there are exceptions, the Ettore Stainless Steel Backflips do use them and so do the Ettore Aluminium Super System Channels. Also the Unger Aluminium Ninja Channels and Moerman Liquidator channels use their own type of End Clips. If you are in doubt, the collar of Brass End Clips can normally be seen at the end of the Channel.

How many do I need? On a 6" 15cm Channel you need just 1. For all other sizes you will need 2.

What is the Ettore product code: 1253

Helpful Tips:

How do I fit them? start by removing the old rubber by pulling the end of the rubber. As you do so the first old clip should become visible. Next, remove the clip and discard it. Now pull your old Rubber through the Channel from the other side and discard. Your new Rubber should be 6mm longer than the Channel. Insert the new rubber through the Channel. Now you can fit a new End Clip on the Rubber at one end. Leave about 3mm between the end of the Rubber and the collar of the End Clip. Push the End Clip into the Channel. Pull the Rubber at the other end so that it extends enough to fit the second End Clip, again leaving 3mm between the collar of the End Clip and the end of the Rubber. Press the second End Clip into the Channel.

If the rubber is not tensioned correctly: You can gently pull the rubber from one end and increase the distance between the end of the Rubber and the collar of the End Clip.

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