Ettore BLADES ScrapeMaster 1999

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Ettore BLADES ScrapeMaster 1999, 4″ 10cm blades in packets of 10. Sharp dual edge blades used for many different jobs. Genuine Ettore product.

Product Information: Ettore BLADES ScrapeMaster 1999

Ettore BLADES ScrapeMaster 1999, high quality pack of blades in an economical pack of 10 blades. The Ettore ScrapeMaster has been a popular scraper for many years. These genuine Ettore Scraper blades will keep your scraper in perfect condition for a variety of cleaning and maintenance jobs. The blades come in a secure plastic sleeve which means they can be easily and safely stored. See the caution notes below for further information on changing the blade and other precautions.

Size: 4" 10cm

Manufacturer: Ettore

Product code: 1999


  • Made from high quality blades
  • Long life blades

Customer Questions: Ettore Blades

What scraper do these blades fit? They fit the Ettore ScrapeMaster Scraper.

Blade Guide:

Blade Guide
Size Scraper Blade Code
1.5" 4cm American Line Mini SXA01                     SXA03
Ettore Pocket
Unger Pocket ErgoTec
American Line Pocket
American Line Pocket Comfort
4" 10cm Unger Trim N/A
Unger ErgoTec Window SXU04
Unger HD SXP01
Ettore ScrapeMaster SXE03
Unger Ninja Combo SXU01
5" 13cm Ettore Champion SXE01
6" 15cm SYR Triumph SXS01
Unger Ninja Combo SXU02
Ettore Pro+ SXE10


Caution: Ettore Blades

Do not use a damaged or faulty scraper. Take care when replacing the blade.

Replace damaged and rusty blades, and dispose of old blades safely.

Scraper blades are extremely sharp, therefore handle and use with care. When using the scraper do not bend the blade as this may cause it to break.

Also remember to wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when using this scraper. Hand and eye protection are recommended during use.

Depending upon the scraper design, either replace the safety cover, retract the blade, reverse the blade thereby making it safe to handle.

Take great care if attempting to clean the blade.

Store in a dry and secure location.

Please read safety guidance on the use of poles if using with a telescopic pole.

Finally, Keep out of children's reach.

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