Jigsaw Enigma Additive

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Jigsaw Enigma Additive for Pure Water systems.

Size: 500ml. Improve your window cleaning by using less water and applying less effort.

Product Information:

What will you achieve by using Jigsaw Enigma Additive?

Improved cleaning power.

More efficient and quicker to remove bird mess and snail trials.

Improved Sheeting - More Hydrophilic.

Does not affect the overall TDS reading.

Added shine and glide.

Reduced Spotting.

Low odour and easy to use.

More powerful and efficient cleaning so less water used.

You will notice a difference in how the water cascades down the glass, effortlessly cleaning tougher mess and leaving your customer's windows looking better than ever.

User's guide

Keep out of reach of children . Do not drink . Keep screw top
tight . Store in a cool , dry and normal brightness location .
If in contact with eyes : use eye wash or swill with water .

ENIGMA is a safe fluid .
Can add direct to your tank at 2ml or 3ml per 100 litres

* Using ENIGMA is simple
I advise a dosage rate of a minimum of 2 or 3ml per 100
litres of pure water.
SIMPLY get a jug of Pure water and add say 10-15ml and
leave for 24 hours . Then add to your tank the night before you start using it.
Repeat process so you have a mix ready for the following day.

Or a protein shake bottle and add 50ml Enigma and 950ml pure water. Then pour 200ml into you tank daily for 5 days use .
So it only takes 2 mins to mix a weeks supply.

We strongly suggest that you pre-mix enigma with water and then add this mix to your water tank, it will improve the performance of the additive. Try it and see for yourself! We appreciate all feedback given.

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