Crimp Tool for O-Clips

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Crimp Tool for O-Clips, useful tool that makes securing O-Clips easier. Simple to use and a good addition to have in your toolbox.

Product Information: Crimping Tool

Crimp Tool for O-Clips is a good quality tool for crimping closed O-Clips, with pincer action. Often used when securing hose tail fittings in hose. Also, O-Clip, shown below are available in a choice of sizes. Additionally a wide range of fittings and hose are available, contact us for more details. Streamline code: SIL918533.

O Clip hose clamp

Features: Crimping Tool

  • Easy to use with strong lever action
  • Metal construction
  • Rubberized grip

Helpful Information: Crimping Tool

For the best results, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Select the correct size of O Clip
  2. Place O Clip over end of hose
  3. Insert hose tail into hose. Sometimes warming the hose in hot water makes the hose more easier to work with.
  4. Only partially crimp the first ear.
  5. Fully crimp the second ear.
  6. Fully crimp the first ear.

Protect your fitting and O Clips from wear caused by dragging on a rough surface, by using a Protecta-Ball®.

Also, always store tools safely in a dry location. Finally, the Crimping Tool requires little maintenance. However it will benefit from periodically applying a light machine oil to the pivot.

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