Streamline Y Connector

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Streamline Y Connector popular spare part used with water fed systems. Fits 5-12mm bore hose. Available in Nylon and Brass. Easy to fit & use.

Product Information: Y Connectors

Streamline Y Connector, a Useful spare part. The Connector features:

  • Strong Plastic Y Connector for hose.
  • Sizes: 5mm, 6mm or 12mm bore hose.
  • Nylon or Brass
Options Y Connectors
Size Nylon Brass
Our Code         (Streamline Code)
5mm Y5 (NYHT5) BYHT5
6mm Y6 (NYHT6) BYHT6
12mm - BYHT12

Customer Questions:

What does a Connector Y do? These Connectors are used at the top of a water fed window cleaning pole. The pure water pumped up the small hose (normally inside the pole) and then split by this Connector and directed to the jets of the brush.

Why should I buy this Connector? The barbed hose tails provide a good fixing for the hose (it may still require the use of O Clips to prevent leaks). Another good thing about these Connectors is that they are light in weight, compared to similar sized Connectors that are made of Brass.

T or Y? Firstly, in most cases Y shaped Connectors will direct the water in the most efficient way. Secondly, this means less pressure is lost through the fitting. Finally, the exit hoses often point towards the brush head, which allows these hoses to be shorter.

Nylon Brass
Weight ***** ***
Durability *** *****
Rust Resistant ***** ****
Chemical Resistance ***** ***


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