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Connector Rectus-Type 21 Male 1/8″BSPM

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Connector Rectus-21 Male 1/8″BSPM smaller fitting for compatible fittings. Please note this has the smaller 1/8″ BSP male thread. CLEARANCE.

Product Information: Connector Rectus-21 Male 1/8"BSPM

Connector Rectus-21 Male 1/8"BSPM fitting will fit internal elbow on HRM2 and HRM4 hose reels.

Features of the Rectus 21 Range

  • Low cost solution
  • Easy to use
  • Robust metal construction
  • Female fittings have dry disconnect feature
  • Compact design
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to fit
  • Ideal for water fed pole systems
  • Good range of compatible fittings

Product Guide:

Rectus 21 Guide
Male Fitting
Code Description
21SFTF06 5-6mm hose tail
21SFTF08 8mm hose tail
21SMIW 1/4" BSP male
21SFIW 1/4" BSP female
Parts above are compatible with parts below
Female Fitting
Code Description
21KATF-6 6mm hose tail
21KATF-8 8mm hose tail
21KAAW 1/4" BSP male
21KAIW 1/4" BSP female

Customer Questions about the Rectus 21 range:

Are there alternatives to using Rectus 21 fittings? Yes, there are some alternatives when connecting hose together. Firstly there are the Exceed Slick 2 fittingsSecondly, there are a number of Hoselock fittings.

How do I fit connectors with hose tails? Use O Clips to make them secure.

Are Rectus 21 fitting compatible with Rectus 26 fittings? No, although they have similar characteristics, the physical sizes are different.

Can I use these on a soft wash system? They are often fitted to soft wash systems but are prone to corrosion.

Which fitting do I put on my pole hose, the male or the female? Most window cleaners use the male fitting, WXW070, in the pole hose.

Will they work on hot water systems? These fittings are often used on hot water systems.

How do I connect and disconnect the fittings? The female fittings have a collar that can be pulled back when disconnecting and connecting. Then the male fitting is pressed into the female fitting and the collar will click back in to place. However, more effort is required when connecting against system pressure.

Helpful Information for the Rectus 21 range:

Protect the hose connections using a Protecta-Ball®

Use PTFE tape on fittings with BSP threads.

Soften the hose in hot water before inserting the fitting.

Avoid fittings be damaged by road traffic.

Finally, always buy a couple of spares to use when required.


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