Connector ELBOW 3/8″ NPT

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Connector ELBOW 3/8″ NPT for American pumps with 3/8″ NPT ports. This Nylon fitting is a useful part for water fed pump installations.

Product Information: Connector ELBOW 3/8" NPT

Connector ELBOW 3/8" NPT Male to 1/2" Hose Tail a useful fitting for American ported pumps that have 3/8" NPT female ports. Streamline Code: NEL3812.

Customer Questions:

Connector ELBOW, where would I use it? You might use this Connector ELBOW 3/8" NPT Male to 1/2" Hose Tail Nylon to connect into the ports of the Streamline Streamflo Water Pump. You can also use them on other water pumps, such as the Shurflo 800-946-238.

What angle is connector? It is 90 degrees.

What is the connector made of? It is Nylon, which makes this fitting light in weight and versatile for your use.

How do I tighten it? You can often simply tighten it sufficiently by hand. However, it does have a hexagon collar if you need to tighten it using a spanner. Please note: Do not over tighten as this will possibly damage the treads and make it difficult to remove.

What is it made of? Nylon.

Helpful Tips:

If you are using two of these fittings on a pump, do not forget to fit a strainer on the inlet side of the pump. This will provide your pump with protection from debris getting into it and causing it damage.

Do I need to use PTFE tape on the 3/8" NPT Male thread? As this is a taper thread it should not be necessary for you to use PTFE tape to prevent water leaking. However, if you find that it does leak, then it will be worth you using some PTFE tape to prevent water leaks.

Do I need any type of hose clip on the hose tail end of the fitting? You are probably best to use either a Jubilee clip or something similar to prevent the hose blowing off or leaking. It can help, if you warm the end of the hose in hot water for a minute before fitting the hose. Don't forget the hose clip!

Product Data:

What pressure can I use these fittings at? You can safely use them at 100psi as they are often fitted to water pumps that operate at 100psi.


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